Attic Insulation Federal Government Home Energy Retrofits 2021

The Government of Canada is Starting a new Retrofit Energy Grant program.

This program will include multiple things in the house to keep your home energy efficient. Things are like Home Insulation, Air Sealing, Windows & Exterior Doors, Thermostats, Heating equipment. Renewable Energy.

There is also a program for Small Multi-units residential buildings also know MURBs.

What Does these programs include for Insulation?

The Canadian Greener Homes Grant allows homeowners to increase their home insulation. This slows the rate of heat loss, resulting in improved energy use, and can help save money. The insulation’s resistance to heat flow is measured using both an RSI value and an R-value. R-value is the imperial measurement and the Résistance Système International (RSI) value is the metric measurement. The higher the resistance value, the slower the rate of heat transfer through the insulating material. Recommendations on insulation improvements and the calculation of your incentive will use these values.

Attic Insulation Rebate

Attic Insulation Upgrade is Relatively easy access makes the attic a favorite starting point to insulate for many homeowners. Even if an attic is already insulated, you may be able to improve comfort and increase the energy efficiency

Wall Insulation

The walls of your home can account for about 20% of heat loss. In addition to heat loss through the walls, there are many cracks and other access points that allow uncontrolled air and water leakage into and out of your home and attached units as well.

Crawl Space Insulation

Did you know that a crawlspace can be insulated in two ways: the walls of the crawlspace can be insulated on the inside or the outside, resulting in a heated area. The house floor above it can also be insulated with Batt or Spray Foam.

Basement / Foundation Insulation

Did you know that basements can account for about 20% of a home’s total heat loss? Air leakage can also occur through basement windows and at the top of the foundation wall. 

Exposed Floor Insulation

Some homes have open foundations and exposed floors. Insulating vulnerable areas of your home such as attached garages or additions can improve comfort and save energy. 

Air Sealing

Making improvements to reduce the air from leaving your house is the single most important retrofit to improve energy efficiency, and it should be considered first in any retrofit strategy. 

Where Should I start Insulation?

Relatively easy access makes the attic a favorite starting point to insulate for many homeowners. Even if an attic is already insulated when the house was built, you may be able to improve comfort and increase energy efficiency just by adding more insulation on top of the existing.

Whats is Eligibility criteria for reimbursement:

  • Insulate a minimum of 20% of the total area of your attic or ceiling.
  • You must increase the insulation value (R-value or RSI).
  • Add insulation in the same location (e.g., attic floor vs. attic ceiling) as the insulation present at the time of the pre-retrofit evaluation.


  • The grant amounts reflect a situation where 100% of the ceiling area is one roof type. Your home may have a combination of ceiling types.
  • The total grant for any combination of attic, cathedral ceiling, and flat roof insulation cannot exceed $1,800.
  • The total amount of your reimbursement will be calculated based on the total percentage of your attic that you choose to insulate. For example, if you insulate 80% of your attic you would qualify for 80% of the amount listed below.

Here is the chart below that shows you what amount you can be eligible for if you upgrade Attic  Insulation.

Select below the current level of insulation in your home at the time of the pre-evaluation: Grant amounts
(by the level of additional insulation added to your home)
If you achieve a total minimum insulation value of RSI 8.81 (R-50) for your attic If you achieve a total minimum insulation value of RSI 4.93 (R-28) for your flat roof and/or cathedral ceiling If you insulate your uninsulated flat roof or cathedral ceiling to increase its insulation value by a minimum of RSI 3.52 (R-20)
No insulation N/A N/A $600
RSI 2.11 (R-12) and less $1,800 $600 $600
Greater than RSI 2.11 (R-12) and up to RSI 4.40 (R-25) $600 $250 N/A
Greater than RSI 4.40 (R-25) and up to RSI 6.16 (R-35) $250 N/A
Sign Up Today for qualify Energy Guide Inspector

Please stay tuned, Attic Pros Insulation & Ventilation Calgary is working with a few inspectors as they are approved by the government and we be more than happy to contact you with them. You will need to have an Inspection by a qualified and approved Energy Audit inspector.

Inspector will do a blower test on your house to determine if the house needs anything and yes what you need. Once the inspection is done they will recommend and advise a list of things he found.

Then it home’s owner chose to do the whole list of work or choose whatever they want and once improvements are done inspector will come back to confirm and sign off on the rebate form and only then you will be able to apply.


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