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Insulation Removal

People have many different reasons for removing current insulation from the attic. Insulation is simply outdated (Wood Chips etc. )also fire hazards, and they would like it to remove before adding more insulation, they found insulation is containing Asbestos, or home is being renovated


Improper attic ventilation can rot your roof deck, shorten the life of your roof, cause curling or cupped shingles, degrade your insulation, cause paint to peel and blister, create an environment for mold, reduce your comfort level, overwork your heating/cooling system, and is one of the major causes of ice dams.

Attic Insulation

Every year homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on lost energy costs due to improper insulation, ventilation and air leaks. If your home has any temperature changes between floors or in certain rooms, heats or cools slowly, or has walls that are cold to the touch in winter, you would benefit from insulation work. All Comfort Insulation will help you save money, improve the comfort of your home year round and help to make your home more “Green.”

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