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  • Install Baffles to Maintain Airflow
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  • Inspect all Exhaust Hoses
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New Construction

New Construction

Planning to build a new house?

Make sure you have all the latest and updated information about Insulation on your new project.

Baffles for Attic Insulation

Airflow in the Attic

Maintaining airflow in the attic.

Intake and out airflow has to be balanced and maintain when upgrading insulation in the attic. If this overlook at the time of insulation upgrade could lead to future problems and cost.

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Energy Efficient Homes

Attic Insulation is a very important component of your home. Insulation protects you and your family from the extreme Calgary temperature swings in the outdoor environment by helping to keep your indoor temperature at a constant level. Overlooking the importance of your Attic Insulation can result in spending more money than required to heat and cool your home or office. Insulation also increase comfort level in the house.

Proper Insulation Will Save You Money

Every year homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on lost energy costs due to improper insulation, ventilation and air leaks. If your home has any temperature changes between floors or in certain rooms, heats or cools slowly, or has walls that are cold to the touch in winter, you would benefit from insulation work. All Comfort Insulation will help you save money, improve the comfort of your home year round and help to make your home more “Green.”

The Cost of Not Insulating

We all know that energy costs are skyrocketing with no end in sight. The cost of natural gas for winter heating nearly tripled from January 2000 to January 2016 and now Carbon Tax, also the cost of air conditioning continues to climb as well. The ceiling in your home is the number one source of winter heat loss and summer heat gain. The good news is, upgrading your attic insulation to reduce your energy costs is comparatively inexpensive and will also minimize Ice Damming, reduce your risk of attic mold infestation, improve your comfort and increase your property value and also avoid those expensive monthly energy bills.

Proper Ventilation Will Save You Money

Having proper ventilation in the attic is also very important in the summer and winter. If Attic has balance intake and outtake airflow, you will avoid expensive future repair costs, and also your house health will stay healthy. Most of the older houses have an old system of plywood soffit that restrict air into the attic and in process of cosmetic work of the exterior work, New aluminum perforated soffit are installed without taking out old soffit or cutting extra holes into the wooden soffit prior to installing new aluminum soffit Now, this new soffit looks perforated but it is actually is not and causing more issues with limiting airflow into the attic.

Attic Insulation

Every Attic need Insulation to maintain proper temperature in the house and also attic health.

Our Products & Services

Attic Ventilation

Proper Ventilation in the attic is as important as insulation for healthy attic as well the house.

Attic Insulation Removal

Insulation removal from Attic is also very common due to condition of the insulation or work required.

Garage Attic Insulation

Garage Attic is also important when you are using a heater or planning to use the Garage lot more.

New Construction

If you building a new house and looking to have Insulation Blown into the  Attic with current Code.

Attic Insulation Repair

A lot of Times Attic Insulation needs repair due to disturbance by human or wind also animals. 

Attic Insulation Upgrade

Serving Calgary & Surrounding Area

Attic Pros Insulation & Ventilation has been in the business for over 13 years with thousands of happy and satisfied clients in Calgary and surrounding areas. 


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Years in Business

Why we are different

We are an owner-operator local company in Calgary Alberta. When you deal with us you are directly dealing with owners or family members of the owner’s team. We do not have or hire a sub-contractor for the work.

When work is completed, we make sure everything is done as we discussed prior to the work and all of our work is guaranteed.

Our price always is the same as what we quoted to you before work. Price does not change and only time it will change if you pacifically ask for additional work that was not in the quote and it is approved by our client.

We always ask our clients to check our work before finishing the job so they can see what we did and also provide before and after pictures of the work.

We ask you to judge us by our history and our clients that we have worked for in years in the business, we can provide references if you required. 

Our Top Priority is Our Customer Satisfaction.

Our insulation process is easy and convenient.

  • The first step of the insulation process is to contact one of the representatives in the Calgary office, either by phone or by mail, and they will help you determine which type of insulation you require. At this point in the insulation process, your representative will set up a Free Quote appointment with one of our Attic Insulation Inspector.
  • For the next step of the insulation process, Attic Inspector will meet with you personally and inspect your attic for proper insulation and ventilation, and they will determine what kind of insulation you require. Your friendly attic inspector will then provide you with detailed information regarding the insulation process and a quote with details of the work for your new insulation. A typical visit lasts usually 15 minutes or less, depending size of the house and if how complicated the attic space is.
  • The final step of the insulation process is installation, which occurs soon after your visit with our attic insulation inspector.
  • We insulate almost any type of home, including brick, stucco, stone, siding, shingles and more. As outlined by your sales consultant, our insulation installers with complete the insulation process quickly and effectively, preparing your home for lower energy bills and more efficient heating and cooling.

You can  check attic yourself if you like

  • It is easy to check your attic insulation. All you need is a flashlight, step ladder, and tape measure. Find your attic access, usually located on your attic ceiling in a hallway or in the closet. Set up your ladder, lift the hatch lid (be careful of falling dust and debris), take your flashlight and tape measure with you as you climb and look into the attic. You should see your attic insulation directly next to you.  If you can see the ceiling rafters, you need insulation!
  • Then measure the depth of the insulation from the ceiling. If your insulation is Cellulose (recycled newsprint), you should measure at least 13 to 14 inches of depth. If your insulation is Fiberglass ( a  cottony fiber, various colors), you should measure at least 16 to 17 inches of depth.
  • Most of the older houses do not have baffles installed. We always make sure before we install new insulation we extend existing insulation stops to maintain airflow in the attic.
  • This is just a suggestion, please only inspect the attic if you feel confident and not scare of heights and have some knowledge of construction. It could be tricky sometimes depending on the attic height or style of the construction.

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