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Welcome to Attic Pros Insulation & Ventilation Calgary Blog. Here we talk about multiple issues and concerns many homeowners have about their homes and rental properties.

We will try to cover all the issues like How much Insulation the house should have, Ventilation Issues, Attic Frost, Attic Rain, Attic Mold, Exhaust Pipes Issues, Vapor Barries, Pot Lights, Exhaust Fans, Attic Hatch Issues, Weather Stripping, Wet Insulation, and Lot More similar issues that are every occurrence with your house.

What is Attic Rain?

Attic Rain is moisture accumulated in the attic and it is caused by excessive moisture build-up in the attic then freezes to beams but most commonly stick to the bottom side of the roof deck.

What is the Cause of Attic Rain?

It is mostly caused by humidity and heat from the house-entering the attic and when it is too cold it will turn into instant frost especially when too much humidity is present inside the house. There could be many factors, Not Enough Insulation in the Attic, leaky Attic, Too many Pot light, and not sealed properly, Washroom or Kitchen Exhaust Fan is not connected to the roof or it is connected but it is loose. Poor or blocked Ventilation.

Is Attic Rain Preventable?

It is really hard to answer this question because each and every house is different and unique. One of the main reasons is what is the attic current attic condition with insulation and ventilation also how much humidity is in the house on colder days.

Assuming the attic is averagely insulated and ventilated, there are some extra things you can do to help decreasing frost.

  • Make sure humidity is set to very low when it is very (-10 or colder)¬† cold outside.
  • Turn on the fan after taking shower for at least 30 minutes.
  • If your kitchen exhaust fan is going through the attic (Mostly in Bungalow, Bi-Level, and Split level style houses) make sure you run the kitchen exhaust fan while cooking to help to exit the steam from the living space faster, otherwise, it will linger in the house and it will try to enter into the attic and create Attic Rain.
  • Maybe even have a look (Only if you feel comfortable) into the attic to make sure there is no frost in the attic.
  • If you have a thermometer control fan installed in the attic turn it on to help maintain the proper temperature.
  • Do Not open the attic to help dry up fast, if there is a t of frost built it will melt faster than it should and could make major damage to your ceiling.
  • If you see the thick layer of frost in the attic, it is too late, let it dry itself, and hopefully, you have enough insulation and if you do insulation will absorb as much it can and insulation will dry overtime with proper airflow into the attic.


What are some Attic Ventilation’s most common issues?

  • Poor Air Intake
  • Poor Air Outtake
  • Bad Design of the Attic
  • Block Soffit by Insulation
  • Old Attic with Wooden Soffit
  • Batt Insulation Pushed Too Far
  • Roof Vents Blocked by Shingles


What are some other Attic most common issues?

  • Low or missing Insulation
  • Pot Lights not Sealed in the Attic
  • Too much Humidity in the House
  • Attic Hatch not sealed or Insulated
  • Compromised Vapor Barrier in the Attic
  • Heat Leaked Chimney going through the Attic
  • Plumbing and Electric Going through the Attic


How Can you to Fix this problem Permanently?

If you want this problem to be gone permanently and don’t have to worry about it again.

The proper and only way to fix, to remove and dispose of existing Insulation, then install 2″ close cell Sprayfoam to stop any moisture from getting into the attic and then blow new Loose Fill on top of the sprayfoam.


Next Big Attic Rain in Calgary is going to start on Sunday January-9-2022 and really will accelerate on Monday and onwards. 

Attic Frost in Calgary
Frozen Insulation leading to Attic Rain in Calgary
Attic Hatch Issues in Calgary
Furnace Chimney into the attic

Washroom and Kitchen Exhaust Fan going through the Attic

More Attic rain is Coming to Calgary.

Southern Alberta home owners facing attic rain


January 2024 is another month when Attic Rain will happen to lots of houses in Calgary and the surrounding Area.

Please do not open the attic hatch thinking it will dry, that will melt the ice fast and water will rush into your house.

Turn off Humidity.

Make sure you are using exhaust fans when taking a shower or cooking.

Call professional personnel to help you.

We have attached  a video of some the attic are going through now.

    Watch the Video here

    Info for this topic is coming, please stay tune!