Why Remove Insulation?

People have many different reasons for removing current insulation from the attic. Insulation is simply outdated (Wood Chips etc. )also fire hazards, and they would like it to remove before adding more insulation, they found insulation is containing Asbestos, or home is being renovated, and they need to do lot of work in the attic and want insulation removed, some cases birds were found dead or alive in the attic, and we also removed insulation from the attic when there has been fire in the home, since some insulation will absorb odour from the smoke, and sometimes found mold in the attic and insulation also has been affected and some cases we removed attic insulation where occupants have discovered that someone in the home was allergic to what there was, and they had us completely removed all the insulation from attic and then replace with a different kind of insulation.

What kind of insulation we remove

We remove all kind of old insulation from the Attic Wood Chips, Sawdust, Cellulose, Fibrous Glass or Batting Insulation; we use one of the most powerful states of the art industrial vacuum system to remove old insulation. This vacuum is located outside of the house to keep all the dust outside. The only thing we bring in the home (usually through the window in close to the attic hatch to minimize interference) during attic insulation removal is 6” diameter hose everything else stays in the truck to keep all dust-out, and in the truck, we use large filter bag to collect the insulation.

Our technicians are fully trained carefully walk through in your attic space and with our hose vacuum system remove all loose insulation from every corner and open space possible. During attic insulation removal all technicians are wearing a protective respirator.

After Removal

Once all loose insulation is removed then if there is any remaining Batts of insulation are left, Batt insulation removed by hand and bagged and taken out, after removing Batt insulation once again we run our vacuum to clean any left over from Batts, and it is right down to drywall or existing vapor barrier.

Next step could be if home owner or contractor need to work in the empty attic for putting pot lights, removing old wiring or installing new washroom fan, or other work required while attic is empty that would best time to do it.

After any work in the attic by a home owner or contractor is completed, we will seal all the light fixtures with expandable spray foam, around the fan and any other future potential leak with expandable foam. Also, we will assess if more (intake) ventilation required and install new ventilation to make sure airflow is improved or at least stays maintain once new insulation is blown in.

Please click here to see what squirrels can do in your attic, they can destroy electric wirings this could be very dangerous and could cause fire in the house or building, Also with eating electric wires squirrels can


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