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New Construction for Calgary Attic Insulation & Ventilation Services

Whether it is your dream home, new car dealership, storage facility, office building, or farmhouse  Attic Pro`s Insulation can insulate it for your newly constructed project. We provide insulation materials & professional insulation services for both residential & commercial, private homeowners & small to large contractors.

While previous generations may have been content to live in drafty houses, most people now want comfortable warm houses. A healthy house today is well sealed, well insulated, and properly ventilated.

A well-insulated house is a bit like dressing for the weather. A wool sweater will keep you warm if the wind is not blowing and it is not raining. On a windy, rainy day, wearing a nylon shell over your wool sweater helps keep you reasonably dry and warm. A house is similar. On the outside, underneath the brick or siding, there is an air barrier that does the same thing as the nylon — it keeps the wind from blowing through. Then there is the insulation (like your sweater) and a vapor barrier, which helps keep moisture away from the house structure where it can do damage

Attic Pro`s team is serving Calgary and surrounding to build green and energy efficient homes.

Here are some of the projects are most common in Calgary

  • New Attic Projects

  • New Homes
  • Garage Existing
  • Renovated projects
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Farm
  • Existing Attic Projects

    • New Homes Need Repairs
    • Garage Existing Need Repair
    • Renovated projects Need Repair
    • Residential Need Repair
    • Commercial Need Repair
    •  Farm Need Repair

Garage Attic Insulation

Your garage is probably the most inefficient room of your house, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Many people don’t see their garage as an extension to their home, but rather an extension to the outside. In reality, most attached garages should not be treated much differently than any other room in the home. Especially most of the new homes have living space above them. The more efficient your garage is built upon, the lower your home’s overall carbon footprint is going to be. What happens, is an inefficient garage practically inhales the blustery cold air during the winter and super heated air during the summer. That cold or hot air then penetrates through the walls and ceiling of the surrounding living spaces and wrecks havoc on the efficiency of the home. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s what you can do to improve upon that.

Older Homes 

Many older homes (and even some newer ones) were not built with insulation in the walls of the garage. Many of these homes have only outside siding, radiant sheathing, and a layer of particle board protecting your garage walls from the elements. Insulating your garage walls is usually as easy as rolling the proper R-value insulation between your joists, or having it blown-in through a small hole in the drywall of the sides and ceilings of your garage.

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