Wall Insulation

Building Envelope of the house like wall insulation is a very important part of the process.

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Exterior Wall Insulation

We get the insulation done right at the first time


Vapor Barriers

Vapor Barrier installation with proper air seal


Interior Walls

Insulate interior walls for sound proofing 

 Wall Insulation and Retrofit Contractor Calgary

Attic Pro`s Insulation has responded to customer demand by becoming a licensed applicator of blown insulation. This innovative product is similar to the FibrousGlass insulation blown into attics, but manufactured to fill vertical wall cavities.

While it’s most often used in new home construction, Attic Pro`s can be retrofitted into almost any existing home! Attic Pro`s provides several advantages over fibrous glass batt insulation, including a more customized fit, superior noise reduction, and greater resistance to mould and pests.

Sound Proof

The Sound of Silence

A quiet home is relaxing and serene.Insulating interior walls is also a good idea. This one-time luxury is now affordable. Your family will then be able to enjoy different activities simultaneously (such as using the computer, watching television, reading, and sleeping).

  • Sound facts about noise control
  • Quiet Comfort

Homeowners realize that unwanted noise affects comfort, concentration, and behavior. That is why it is crucial to insulate the ceilings, walls, and floors with a material that effectively controls sound. And since noise from within the home can be equally disagreeable, it is a good idea to insulate interior walls and floors.

The sound problem is very common in attached homes, building where up and down floors or you are on the busy street, or now maybe your house is where new Calgary Airport new runway route is.

Controlling noise is clearly important, but how can a homeowner or builder know which insulation is best at keeping a home quiet?

Put Them To The Test!

The best way to determine effectiveness is to conduct reliable, scientific tests. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a laboratory measurement used to study the resistance of a wall, ceiling, or floor to the passage of sound. The higher the STC number, the more sound is deadened. The table below gives examples of STC ratings.

Sound Transmission Class (STC) Ratings

STC Rating           Description of Performance

  • 30  Loud speech understood fairly well
  • 35  Loud speech audible but unintelligible
  • 42  Loud speech audible as a murmur
  • 45  Must strain to hear loud speech
  • 48  Some loud speech barely audible
  • 50  Loud speech not audible

A Real Improvement For Every Home

Whether your home is in the planning stages or built 100 years age, Fiberglass or cellulose insulation will help keep it quiet – a real home improvement.

Ideal For Multi-Family & Commercial Use

In situations where sound control is even more critical, Cellulose or Fiberglass Insulation has proven extremely effective in thousands of applications. Also, Roxul Batten Insulation will be very beneficial for the internal walls sound proof, This non-combustible, lightweight product has excellent acoustical dampening properties and is dimensionally stable which always makes it ideal for the friction fit into walls, ceiling, and floor applications. The product is chemically inert; therefore it will not promote corrosion and will give the best bang for the buck.

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