Attic Insulation Repair

Insulation repair in the Attic is very common due to multiple reasons and conditions in the attic.

What We Do

Repair Attic Insulation

We will fix the problem and blow new insulation in the Attic.

Repair Insulation Stops

We will fix Insulation Stops that cause Insulation problem.

Guarantee Our Work

After repair, we guarantee our work that it will not happen again.

Attic Insulation Repair in Calgary

Attic Insulation repair is also very common in Calgary for multiple reasons, Once Insulation is disturbed and damaged, it will need repair and then blow new insulation to compensate. If Insulation is not repaired it will lead to other problems that will cause damage in the attic or the house and could be both.

It is always recommended whenever you have or had any work done in the attic, to have a professionally inspected after. It will avoid costly repairs and save money in the long run.

Our Attic inspectors are professionally trained and have lots of experience once the Inspection is completed we can recommend the right direction also provide you with options.

When You Need Attic Repair

Most people will not even know they have this attic insulation problem, 80% of the time you will only know that you have attic insulation repair required if you selling or buying the house. Inspector will do the inspection and find out certain area is missing insulation upon inspection or thermal imaging when they will see cold spots.

We work with many Real Estate Agents and Home inspectors to fix this issue when the transaction of the house is being proccesed and this will be condition of the purchase agreement.

If you find yourself in a situation that you need a quick rough cost for something like repair so you can finalize the deal, give us a call or send us an email with the inspector report.

Some of the Main Reasons

  • Wind
  • Animals
  • Contractors
  • Moisture
  • Stroage
  • Renovation
  • Extension
  • Hail Damage


The wind is one of the most common problems for attic insulation repair, some times when the wind blow through the soffit and insulation stops are not connected. Wind will blow the insulation away and leave the attic drywall without insulation. That will lead to other problems like temperature differences in a specific area or moisture in the attic. Sometimes when you see yellow stains on your ceiling that is good sign that your attic is having a condensation problem.

It will need repair.


When Animals or Birds find a way into the attic, they will leave lots of damage in the attic and also sometimes leave the attic in a very dangerous condition. Animals will disturb the insulation and then sometimes will chew up the electric wires and leave bare and that could lead to fire in the attic or the whole house.

It will need repair.


If you have had work done in the attic and if you have blown-in insulation in the attic when the contractor (mostly electrician)  worked in the attic they will step on  the blown in insulation and that will cause insulation disturbance and also compromise the R-Value of the insulation.

It will need repair.


When you have condensation in the attic, especially in the very old days. humidity from the house will leak into the attic and build think frost and when in Calgary we have Chinook, all of the frosts will turn into moisture and come down to the insulation and push down blown in insulation that will leave insulation wet and settle.

It will need repair.


Storage in the attic is another reason why isolation will need repair. When you have storage space in the attic and you put boxes and other big items like Christmas Lights in the attic, that will be disturbed or settle the insulation and R-Value will be compromised. We do not recommend storage space in the attic unless it is professionally designed to keep the insulation and ventilation in mind.

It will need repair.


Renovation is a very big part of the insulation disturbance. When you have major reno in the house you will need to take out some walls for the open concept. When walls come out and insulation from the attic will also be coming down and after your renovation is done you will need new insulation or at least repair where it was missing.

It will need repair.


When you add an extension to your house, there will be some insulation loss in the process and contractors in the attic, it is highly recommended to add  or repair when all the work is done.

It will need repair.

Hail Damage

Hail Damage is another reason that your attic will need repair of insulation, When hail falls on the roof vents and it breaks, lots of hail can end up in the attic and that insulation will get wet. That insulation will need to be removed, dry then repair any vapor barrier (if damaged) and blow new insulation.

It will need repair.

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